The Day – Memphis classic rock/soul act the Box Tops hit The Kate Saturday


What?! Time to write a preview for an upcoming Box Tops concert?

Certain protocols must be respected!

Be sure to mention that the band‘s founder, Alex Chilton, left to form power pop legends Big Star. (Check)

Be sure to mention that Chilton did NOT write, as many assume, the #1 Box Tops hit “The Letter.” (Check)

Add to that that the indie country musician/tunesmith wrote “The Letter.” (Check)

Remind readers that in “The Letter,” he misses the singer’s “baby.” She sends the titular missive. Well, he misses HER too. So much so that the singer “doesn’t have” time to take a fast train to join his “baby”, so he orders an unknown listener to get him a ticket for a “plane”. (Check)

That’s right – “plane” as opposed to “plane”. (Check)

Where are the Box Tops in all this?

It’s not just about Chilton and “The Letter.” The group also had hits with “Cry Like a Baby”, “Soul Deep”, “Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March”, “Choo Choo Train” and more, so even though Chilton left the group early, they are remained moderately popular. The latest incarnation of the Box Tops, including original members Gary Talley and Bill Cunningham, play Saturday at The Kate.

Be there. (Check?)

The Box Tops, Saturday, 8 p.m., Katharine Hepburn Cultural Center for the Arts, 300 Main Street, Old Saybrook; $50;, (860) 510-0453.

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