The Ongoing History of New Music, Episode 943: Modern Rock Feuds


There are people who just can’t get along. The tension could be the result of politics, religion, philosophies, property, honor, personal insult, perceived insult or, a million things, really.

Perhaps the most famous feud in history was that of the Hatfields and the McCoys, a group of hillbillies who fought along the Kentucky-West Virginia border in the late 1800s. Hostilities began about disputed ownership of a pig. Did it belong to Floyd Hatfield or Randolph McCoy? In the end, more than a dozen people were killed on both sides. Above a pig.

Here’s something a little more relevant. German brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler co-founded a shoe company in their mother’s basement. When American sprinter Jesse Ownes used his shoes for the Berlin Olympics in 1936, sales skyrocketed. But the brothers could not cope with success and clashed over the direction of the business. Finally, in 1948, they couldn’t take it anymore and the company split in two. Adolf named his company Adidas and Rudolf named his Puma.

I like this one: R2D2 and C3PO never liked each other. Anthony Daniels, the guy in the C3PO suit, was a classically trained actor and was never comfortable having to play this robot. Meanwhile, Kenny Baker, the little guy inside R2DS, was a circus performer. Daniels never let Baker forget that he would never be in the same league as him.

This brings us to the quarrels encountered in the performing arts. When artistic types have a beef, it can get very, very weird.

The Beatles versus the Stones (although it’s a fabricated fight, they were actually very good friends). After the Beatles broke up, Paul and John shot each other. Ray and Dave Davies of The Kinks may be brothers, but there’s no love lost there. David Gilmour versus Roger Waters in Pink Floyd. The various battles within the Beach Boys. And think of all the rap jams: Biggie vs. Tupac, Kanye vs. Drake, Nas vs. Jay-Z. This list is almost endless.

But what about some of the more contemporary rock feuds, fights that have taken place over the past couple of years. Yes, there’s the whole Noel vs. Liam Gallagher story, but what else?

Thanks for asking because they are coming here.

Songs heard on this show:

  • The Ramones, the KKK took my baby
  • Pearl Jam, Alive
  • Nirvana, Lithium (Live)
  • Blur, Country house
  • The remedy, lullaby
  • Megadeth, set the world on fire
  • Hole, ask for it
  • Von Bondies, come on come on
  • Jack White, Lazaretto

Here is Eric Wilhite’s playlist.

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