The Surrogate Band offers classic rock lovers an unforgettable evening


Music – good music – is like cheese: it only gets better with age. Classic rock n roll, to be more precise, best fits this description. While this comparison is somewhat “wrong”, there’s no other way to tell either. So, the surrogate group takes that notion and feeds its sense of musical spectacle around it.

The band treated classic rock lovers to a perfect weekend at Jatra Biroti, Banani last Friday. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the band’s longtime fans and lovers flooded the hall at Jatra Biroti – a cozy nook for many great musicians.

Few people showed up at the start of the show when co-singer Tasmia Tas took the stage and kicked off the show with Zombie, from The Cranberries. Her vocals and pitch were the perfect combination for the song and the many songs she sang throughout the show.

Amit on drums, Bart on bass and keyboards, Neville on lead guitar, Gibran as co-vocalist and backup guitarist, Farsim on other guitar, and of course Tas, made up the lineup. Together they performed 22 songs.

After Zombie, Tas moved on to Bang Bang, from Audrey Hepburn’s musical equivalent, Nancy Sinatra. By the time she started Bang Bang, out of nowhere, the venue was half full, which surprised Tas and the band a bit. “I thank those who came on time. A few came before the show even started,” the singer said gratefully.

After Bang Bang, Neville sang Michelle from The Beatles. A tenth of French in the lyrics confused the crowd somewhat, but Neville’s resounding vocals made it all enjoyable.

Then, when he announced that they would be playing a U2 tune next, the crowd erupted in a long, loud “Woooooo.” So they did One by U2, which by the way, Tas, Neville and Gibran all sang together.

One by one, timeless rock songs were coming up and the room was filling up from the stage in one corner to the front door at the other end. The audience was made up of people from all walks of life and of all ages. Everyone seemed to know each other. The show was more like a family reunion bonded by the love of music.

My Valentine by Paul McCartney came next, then did another Beatles song, Come Together. Obviously, who can really rock a classic rock show without performing as many Beatles songs as possible.

Oh! And The Oasis! While many still argue that The Oasis is a bigger and better rock band than The Beatles, the crowd simply looked beyond and enjoyed Champagne Supernova in Neville’s voice. Good music is good music, isn’t it? We all love peace – well, not in the manner of Beatles or Oasis-era hippies – but okay…

Tas took the stage after that and said, just before performing a heartwarming Joan Baez song, Diamond and Rust, “I do slower, softer songs and the boys are a little louder and the crowd seems to take it. on the loud side.” Gibran jokingly replied, “So we’ll make your slow songs loud.” Resounding laughter followed the jokes.

The Beatles were coming back. Tas then performed Across the Universe, dedicating it to a dear friend of hers who lives overseas. Bob Dylan came next, soothing the crowd.

A relatively new rock song by the relatively new rock band Angus and Julia Stone, an Australian sister band, was sung by Tas after Dylan – For you.

“You never have to go to work, you spend every day shining your light my way” goes a line from the song. Someone from the crowd said out loud, “I liked the ‘you never have to go to work’ part the most!” Neville quickly responded, saying, “We all do!”

Happy Together by The Turtles, another track by Angus and Julia Stone – Jet Plane, Mad About You by Hooverphonic and a few other songs were performed afterwards.

In the end, if a Pink Floyd track isn’t there in a classic rock show, all is lost. They started Comfortably Numb. It was as if the crowd was eagerly awaiting him. Comfortably Numb’s long solos were well executed, while giving them a different timbre and style. Even David Gilmour would struggle to reproduce this masterpiece note for note live; but then again, he is Gilmour after all – no one can tell what he is truly capable of.

Then when With or Without You was announced on the microphone, the whole crowd stood up. Every soul in the room sang and it was not at all surprising how the lyrics of the song were hardwired into everyone’s memory, as if they were tattooed in their brains. This was the most unforgettable part of the whole show.

The show ended with Thank You, an actual song, not to be confused with saying this while bowing at the end of a performance. However, the substitute band was asked to play Zombie another time as most of the crowd missed it at first and the band accepted.

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