Top 100 classic rock artists


What is the recipe for becoming one of the top 100 classical rock artists? It takes tremendous influence, longevity, revolutionary importance and some indelible quality. But being a huge presence doesn’t necessarily mean that all of these qualities have to be present at once.

For some of those listed below, fame was fleeting, although their impact certainly was not. Groups may have broken down, careers may have derailed, lives may have been tragically lost, but one thing defines these 100 Great Acts, some of which have come and have remained remarkably enduring: They are unforgettable, a lasting part of our lives. .

The variety, however, is astounding. There are some defined by songs, and others by how other artists have rushed to sound like them. A few digits trace through multiple entries, appearing alone and in larger groups. Some have remained steadfast in their musical convictions, playing with remarkable consistency; others seemed to change direction as often as they changed location on a world tour. Then there are those who appear as shooting stars, burning brightly but gone far too soon.

Nor are they all legacy groups from the ’60s. As rock’ n ‘roll progressed through the following decades, it branched out into a number of notable offshoots – songwriters. performers and from punk to hard rock and pop-metal – and this list ties all of those different threads together. It’s been quite a trip. Find out how they rank, as we count the top 100 classic rock artists.

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