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Rock history includes a myriad of collectives in which a strong female voice provides the group’s identity while being backed by male musicians – and thank goodness a new generation of such acts have made women all the more present in the modern world. rock, country, pop and electronic.

And while there’s no rule that all-male, all-female, or mixed-gender bands are less cool, there’s just something magical about watching a female artist lead the charge. with a group of guys standing behind her on stage. From Garbage’s Shirley Manson to Evanescence’s Amy Lee, an ever-growing list of female rockers has spent decades proving their talents are just as deserving of respect and notoriety, even in testosterone-dominated genres – and if you don’t disagree, their supportive male bandmates probably have a thing or two to tell you.

That’s not to say these women aren’t perfectly capable of defending themselves, though. Take a look at Paramore’s Hayley Williams, who has spoken out against sexism in the music industry on several occasions. “I remember playing at the North Star Bar [in Philadelphia] and this guy yelled “take your shirt off!” probably 10 times,” she once recalled to rolling stone. “At the fifth or sixth time, I realized that it was me who had the microphone. I have power here. I don’t have to be silent.

“There are enough women who are great and have great points of view and great things to say that can start encouraging each other and the people who come to the shows; infuse them with something else that is not told to them through society and magazine covers,” she added. “Tell them that having a voice and going against the grain is good.”

Here are 28 of our favorite bands led by inspiring female artists.

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