Victoria rock artist Steve Moffitt scores big on the rock scene


Victoria’s rock music artist Steve Moffitt gives striking performances in his two new tracks that clearly describe her intensity and her daring choices to stand out.

There is a firm trend in the music industry to stick to the same old styles and use specific sounds. But sometimes music fans demand that everything be original and raw. Even after the pandemic, some artists were reluctant to experiment. However, some artists have taken the plunge to provide a great rock musical escape. Presenting one of those talented singers who has prolifically entered the rock music scene to present his wide variety of rock sounds is Steve moffitt. The Victoria rock music artist chose the harsher side of rock and managed to grab attention with his powerful vocals and guitar sounds.

The artist does not create sound repetitively and ensures that the songs explore a variety of rhythms for a refreshing and powerful sound. His real music represents his real interest in music and the singer reminds the audience that rock still has a lot of potential. Holding on to the classic essence of rock and infusing his brilliant artistry to leave his mark, the singer has released two new soundtracks, namely ‘BREATHE MY BACK and ‘SAME OLD STORY who generously showcases his extraordinary skills. Boasting a vocal power that can easily grab attention, the rock singer bursts onto the stage with intriguing instrumentals playing in the background and offers a rich collection of beats including cohesive guitar dips, beats by heavy drums and other punchy sounds. Each track gives many hooks to toggle.

At a time when the exclusivity of rock music was given to groups, Steve moffitt stands out for its supreme rock abilities that are hardcore enough to amaze music fanatics. Entrenched in punchy and punk sounds, the songs’BREATHE MY BACK ‘ and ‘SAME OLD STORY ‘ pull the singer’s metal spirit and make sure listeners can’t surpass his aggressive energy. The songs are bold, energetic, and maintain the raw essence of the genre at every step. Making the honest choice to stun audiences with his jaw-dropping music, the singer curated his original sound and injected infectious swagger to rock the industry. Listen to the songs on Sound cloud and Youtube, and follow the singer on Facebook for more details on his future projects.

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