Victoria Rock Music Artist Steve Moffitt Brings A Rock Blast With A Unique Country Flair


FFor decades, rockers have turned to the Country genre to inject its soul into their music, but few have succeeded in creating a seamless mix. Blending the basic ingredients of Country, intimate storytelling and adult emotion with the punch of rock to showcase its superior craftsmanship, artistry Steve moffitt emerged on the stage to captivate the audience. the Victoria rock music artist takes great influences from blues, rock and country genres to tell its story which has captivated a wide audience. The artist created a compelling version of himself in the industry and dictated the command with total dedication.

Any rock fan, who wants to discover the genre with a pinch of emotion, must tune in to the singer’s latest releases’SAME OLD STORY‘, and ‘WIND. The songs explore the singer’s enormous talent and make the listener feel his emotions deeply. The song begins with acoustic guitar strings and intricate instrumental instruments set against the backdrop with the artist’s rock voice taking center stage. Soon the musical landscape changes and the sound of the hard rock guitar riff kicks in to lift the mood. The lead voice of the guide artist and the lyrics seem unmistakably true and real. At fixed intervals, the rock quotient of the song increases, as does the power of the singer’s voice. Both tracks have something unique to offer and have an infectious and timeless quality.

Originally from Victoria, Steve moffitt, is an artist who can rock terribly in one song and deliver an intimate acoustic and blues country set up in the next. Its wide vocal range coupled with interesting changes in the soundscape keeps the listener hooked. Built under the MOFFITT label, the two singles’SAME OLD STORY ‘ and ‘THE WIND‘have a dignified appeal and the artist establishes his unique musical identity by telling stories that reveal his poetic openness and also his genuine passion for rock. Listen to the songs on Sound cloud and Youtube, and follow the versatile singer on Facebook for more updates.

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