Vladimir Putin sings a classic rock song in gruesome footage from a karaoke party


Vladimir Putin took center stage in the world affairs arena after ordering Russia to invade Ukraine, but he once found himself at the center of a real scene – and murdered a rock and roll classic.

Putin sang Blueberry Hill, a song made famous by Fats Domino, at a star-studded charity dinner in December 2010 in harrowing footage that resurfaced online following the invasion.

Paul Knott, a British diplomat who has worked in both Moscow and Kyiv, says the leader ‘looks like someone who has lost his mind a bit’ as he threatened Western nations with dire consequences if they got involved.

But Putin used to be more docile, once he even outsourced a name for a pup given to him and settled on the one chosen by a five-year-old boy, who was later invited. at the president’s residence.

Vladimir Putin sang at a children’s charity dinner in Saint Petersburg in December 2010

That same month, he stood up to a room full of people, including American movie stars such as Kevin Costner, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and sang Blueberry Hill, and the video began recirculating online.

Sharon Stone gave a peace sign at the event, a children’s charity dinner in St Petersburg.

“This will be the end credits song after the end of World War III,” someone posted in the comments section of the original YouTube video, posted by Russian state broadcaster RT.

Video started recirculating online as Putin's army brutally swept through Ukraine
Video started recirculating online as Putin’s army brutally swept through Ukraine

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The macho autocrat, famous for riding shirtless, co-piloting a firefighting plane and training with the national judo team, showed off his more artistic side by singing the tune in accented English.

Putin took to the stage with the following disclaimer: “Like the overwhelming majority of people, I can’t sing or play but I love doing it,” according to Reuters.

Putin sat down at the piano first, carefully playing the opening notes of Blueberry Hill before taking the microphone.

Putin told the crowd that even though he can't sing, he likes to try
Putin told the crowd that even though he can’t sing, he likes to try

The then Prime Minister received a standing ovation for his rendition of the classic American song.

The prime minister’s spokesman said Putin learned the lyrics to the song in his English class and took music lessons when he had time, ABC reported at the time.

The song was originally written for the 1940 western The Singing Hill, a film about an unethical rancher who is about to buy a piece of land from a wealthy landowner, a transaction that would result in the bankruptcy of many local cattle dealers.

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